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Montessori Learning Center offers flexible programs that meet the needs of parents with varying schedules. The school year typically runs from September until the beginning of June. 


Because we specialize in Early Childhood Education, we understand the types of schedules which are most beneficial to young learners. Consistent schedules that follow a child's daily rhythms and which include times for independent work, peer work, group time, snacks, meals, rest, and physical activity are all incorporated into our program days.


Studies have shown that young children benefit most from schedules of consecutive days grouped together, rather than alternating days. Our program options, therefore, reflect a choice of consecutive day schedules. 

Toddlers (18mos. to 3+ years)

Three, Four and Five Day Options
9 AM to 12 PM or 2:30 PM
Before and After Care Available

Our Toddler Program serves as a gentle introduction into the Montessori school environment. The purpose of this program is not to replace the primary caregiver, but to compliment their experiences by adding social and academic opportunities in a slightly more structured and academic environment than a child would find at home or a center. Because this is truly an educational experience, and not simply childcare, the program hours and days are limited to the young child’s ability to sustain attention and maximize their interest without overtiring.

Montessori Learning Center understands that young children thrive on consistency. We therefore offer only consecutive day schedules which are shown to be most beneficial to the young child when adjusting to a new routine. The Toddler Program has a gentle phase-in program at the beginning of each school year to help these young children settle in.

Our Programs: Toddlers

Early Childhood (3 to 6 yrs.)

Three, Four and Five Day Options
9 AM to 12 PM or 2:30 PM
Before and After Care Available

Our half-day program is offered to children three to six years old. We offer this program or families who are looking for a part-time schedule for their preschoolers. These children are fully incorporated into the Montessori classroom while having time for afternoon family activities.
We offer 3 day, 4 day, and 5 day options. Since young children find comfort in more consistent schedules, our schedules are on consecutive days only.
Our Five Half Day program is available to all children. With five days, children are given the opportunity to truly master all work in the classroom. They are able to participate in all daily activities such as letter sound days or special days which may be missed with a three or four day program. We offer this program to families who are looking for the total Montessori experience and to children who have progressed beyond the 3 or 4 day experience.

We also offer a full-day program, and parents are welcome to choose from a three, four, or five full-day schedule for their preschoolers.

Our Programs: EarlyChild

Montessori Kindergarten

Five Full Days 9 AM to 2:30 PM
Before and After Care Available

Our Programs: Kinder

We offer a special Full Day Program for our Kindergarten-age children who have attended at least one year of Montessori preschool and have been determined to be academically ready.
These children are in their regular classrooms in the mornings with a full mixture of ages. In the afternoon, these small groups of older children concentrate on the more advanced Montessori materials. Special emphasis is placed on introducing these children to more group and

teacher-led activities. In this way, it serves as a bridge between the Montessori classroom and more traditional first grade placements. More advanced music classes, field trips, Science Fridays and special “Full Day Kindergarten only” activities complete the curriculum.

Our Programs: BeforeAfter

Before and After Care

Available to All Ages
7:30 AM - 9 AM and 2:30 PM - 6 PM

Learning takes place all day at Montessori Learning Center. Staffed by highly qualified Early Childhood professionals, this program provides not just convenience for working parents, but quality enrichment for children who would like more social and creative experiences in their Montessori day. Children in before care begin the day in a quiet and relaxing environment; filled with manipulatives for learning, as well as quiet activities, to ease the transition into the day. Children who come for after school care will experience group activities, crafts, outdoor play, themed units for learning, and lots of time for making friends in a fun and productive manner. Nap time is available for those younger children who still benefit from a nap. Plenty of outdoor and gross motor play is also built into the day to ensure that every child receives a balance of  academic, social, and physical enrichment daily. This program is billed hourly. Please see our tuition schedule for detailed pricing.

Our Programs: Enrichment

Enrichment Programs

Montessori Learning Center teaches to the whole child. Each child holds within him or her a creative side which adds depth and refinement to a child's personality. Creative arts are a means of self-expression, building self-confidence, and improving self-esteem. We are proud to offer numerous enrichment programs such as music instruction, art and foreign language a part of the Montessori Learning Center curriculum.

Our Programs: Summer
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