Our Team

Our team of teachers at MLC have over 130 years of cumulative Montessori experience!  All of our full-time teachers have post-graduate Montessori Certification and no teaching staff member (full or part-time) has less than eight years of experience in a Montessori classroom.  As a result, you will find them to not only be exceptionally knowledgeable Montessori teachers, but also highly skilled advocates of the needs of young children. They are open to all parent communication, whether by phone, e-mail or in-person.  In addition to one-on-one parent communication and two formal parent-teacher conferences, our teachers provide parents with frequent news specific to their individual classrooms.  


Our administrative and leadership staff are equally qualified and welcoming of parent involvement.  Our job is not only to facilitate the paperwork necessary to enroll and maintain your child’s file or financials at MLC, but also to educate parents about the Montessori philosophy and our special little school.   No question is unworthy or unanswered.  You will find your interactions with our leadership and administrative team a model of the type of kindness and patience that our Montessori school teaches our children. We will always welcome you as valuable parts of our community.  

 "The heart and soul of MLC are its teachers. They make the Montessori magic happen. They are warm, patient, enthusiastic, and nurturing, but firm as needed. They are adept at reading your child, knowing what they need in the long-term, that week, in the moment."

                         Kim Craskey

                         Current & Alumni Parent


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