Programs: Montessori Toddlers 
(24 months to 3+ Years)

Our Toddler Program serves as a gentle introduction into a school environment for the hours and times which work for both the child and his/her family.  Our program compliments the care they receive from their primary caregivers by providing them with social and academic opportunities in an environment that still feels like home. Because this is truly an educational experience, and not simply child care, the program hours and days are limited to the young child's ability to sustain attention and maximize their interest without overtiring. Montessori Learning Center understands that young children thrive on consistency. We therefore offer consecutive daily schedules which are shown to be most beneficial to the young child when adjusting to a new routine.


We offer 2, 3, 4 and 5 half and full day Toddler Montessori programs, as well as before-school and after-school care.  

"They've designed the home-to-classroom transition so thoughtfully and lovingly that you really can drop off your child and know that the teachers and helpers care about his or her school experience as much as you do." 

                   Kim Craskey

                  Current and Alumni Parent

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