MLC Monarchs

Monarch Butterflies have a special place at Montessori Learning Center.  The first Montessori school in Delaware to study and teach about Monarchs on a grand scale, MLC has raised hundreds of Monarchs from eggs to adults within our classrooms to allow children to witness one of the world’s most fascinating natural phenomina.  These amazing creatures are the perfect learning tool to educate children not only about science, but about culture, geography, math and language.  Our study includes raising Milkweed in our very own Certified Monarch Waystation garden and witnessing the other living things that make up the Monarch’s habitat.  We identify the parts of the insect, learn about their gender and reproduction, and explore the life cycle.  Even more importantly, our Monarch study is extended beyond science into math, using Venn Diagrams, graphs, and charts to compare them to other insects. We count the number of miles that Monarchs fly each day and how many miles it is between Canada and Mexico.  We use them to study Geography and Culture, using a map to identify the different countries and learning the importance of the Monarch to the people of Mexico. We practice our language skills by reading and writing stories about Monarchs.  We study their environment, discover why their habitat is in danger, and discuss what we need to do to help save it; all of this learning packed into one small insect!  We love our Monarchs and will continue to allow them to grace our classrooms and learn all they have to teach us about the world in the years to come.  

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