Program: Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten program is available to children who are age 5 as of August 31st. This unique program surpasses state standards for full-day public kindergarten and gives children a great jump-start on first grade within a smaller classroom environment. During this final year of their Early Childhood Montessori experience, children are provided with the higher level of Montessori materials and self-directed learning, combined with leadership opportunities that only come with being the oldest child in the class.  The benefits gained from experiences such as speaking in front of the class, organizing service-projects, working with younger children, and providing assistance to the school itself, provides a confidence so rarely seen in a five-year-old. Since most of our children will be attending public programs after our Montessori foundation, our Kindergarten program is geared to be their transition between two learning environments. The Kindergartners who graduate from MLC are highly sought out by many elementary schools in the area due to their confidence, extraordinary drive to learn, and superior academic skills.

"We moved to Delaware shortly before my son’s Kindergarten year. We were very sad to leave our previous school, but in retrospect I am so grateful, because his educational experience was so much better at MLC than it would have been at his old school. He had an absolutely transformational year and I know for certain it is because of the love, care, and attention he received at MLC"

                                                 Christina Paez

                                                 Former Parent

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