Holidays and Celebrations

Cultural Holidays

Diversity is the key to a child’s awareness of the world beyond their small circle.   We celebrate the diversity of the world and of our school through lessons, activities and best of all, celebrations.  Learning about various cultures in a fun way allows young children to open themselves up to new experiences.  Every year, our celebrations change to give the most exposure to different cultures.  From Chinese New Year celebrations complete with four foot dragon parade, Diwali, with it’s amazing food and dance, to Dia De Los Muertos, we celebrate culture and traditions from around the world. 



Birthdays are a special part of our Montesori program. Each child has a special ceremony marking the occasion through a symbolic walk around the sun for each year of their life.  Parents share photos from their lives and explain the how their child has changed and grown each year.  After this moving ceremony, our children choose a friend to help them make healthy muffins as a birthday treat to share with their friends.  This is a favorite part of the Montessori program for both children and parents.  

"One of the most authentic parts of a Montessori Education is its dedication to celebrating different cultures. One of the most treasured parts of my boys’ time at MLC was the vibrant and colorful cultural events that recognized everything from Chinese New Year to the Day of the Dead to Diwali. This world is a bold and beautiful place full of rich color and life worth celebrating. MLC made sure that holidays and customs from all over the world were represented authentically with detail and dedication to appreciating each unique custom and country’s cultures."

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