Health and Safety

Working together to keep our community safe.

Arriving at School

  • All students and staff will have their temperature taken before entering the school.

  • Parents or caregivers will confirm that their child does not have any symptoms or known exposure to COVID-19.

  • Children will be escorted into school by staff members.

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​Limiting Exposure​

  • All staff will wear face coverings

  • Students over the age of 2 will be encouraged to wear face coverings when not eating, napping or playing on the playground.

  • Students will stay with their classroom communities as much as possible.

  • The maximum amount of students in each classroom has been reduced below normal numbers.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Students and staff will wash their hands, for at least 20 seconds after entering school and throughout the day.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided when hand washing isn't feasible.

  • Staff will clean high touch areas multiple times throughout the day

  • When possible, students will use individual materials.

  • Shared materials will be sanitized after being used.

  • Each evening, classrooms will be sanitized in preparation for the next day.