Full Day Program

Our full-day program serves as a bridge for students who are not yet Kindergarten age but are ready for a longer day.  These non-napping students join together in the afternoon with other older children to spend some additional time working on projects and materials, often in Math and Language, that may be too long to complete in the morning. The goal is to give them additional uninterrupted time to work on these activities in a smaller group.  The children in are also introduced to more advanced group lessons in Science and culture based on classroom themes.  As in all the Montessori classrooms, the children in Extended will have the opportunity to work independently, as well as with others, and have expectations of completing work at their level of ability and at their own pace.   

“My son has a fall birthday so he wasn’t of age to do Kindergarten yet but needed, and was ready for, something a little more challenging than just the morning program.  Enter the extended program.  The way his mind is stretched is fascinating!  Due to several activities being mixed with the Kindergarteners in the afternoon, he strives to do more but within his ability and age level.  Plus, he gets to see what to look forward to as a Kindergartener the following year.  He’s already asking me, “When do I get to be in Kindergarten?”  The extended program at MLC has been wonderful for my son!”

                                       Kelly O'Donnell

                                       Current Parent

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