Early Childhood


The benefits of music for young children cannot be understated.  Studies have shown that early music instruction can improve academic skills, increase fine and gross motor development, develop positive social skills, and refine discipline and patience.


Our exceptional music program, taught for nine years by Ms. Marjie Ripsom of the Music School of Delaware, is an integral part of MLC’s program. 


Early Childhood children receive professional music instruction twice a week.  Using the Music School of Delaware's distinguished Early Childhood program, children learn creativity and self-expression in age-appropriate activities that provide a solid musical foundation for future study, including steady beat, pitch, rhythmic response, and focused listening, all through music and movement.  We celebrate the child’s creativity and love of learning with lessons using various themes ranging from the seasons of the year, weather, animals, and holidays.  Circle dances help to further the sense of community in the class.  Two to three instrument demonstrations by professional musicians are also included during the year.


Special musical events include our Halloween sing-a-long, musical winter holiday program and the end of the year picnic.    


Extended and Kindergarten Music


Our unique music program offers a third and additional weekly music class to our 5 full day Extended and Kindergarten Students which introduces slightly more advanced instruction.  The children in this class expand their understanding of and further internalize many rudimentary music skills.  This class uses singing, ear-training, guided listening, creative and structured movement, and ensemble work to further their musicianship. Rhythm language is introduced through learning to play the glockenspiel in the spring.  They also have their first opportunity at performing before an audience with our musical play during our Holiday Music Program and an end of the year music recital. 


We are proud that we can offer a professional music program to our students. 


"The music program at MLC is unlike any other. Miss Marjie is passionate about music and children.  My children developed such a love and appreciation for music from Miss Marjie that they have gone on to play multiple instruments, sing in their school choirs, and perform in their school's talent show. "




                                  Current and Alumni Parent

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