Enrichment Programs


Toddler and Early Childhood children are primed to learn language, both native and foreign.  We are very fortunate to be able to offer Spanish with an excellent program from Chiquitots.  Staffed by native Spanish speaking professional teachers, this program focuses on the most commonly used vocabulary of young children to give them basic communication skills.  Through role play, games, crafts, and music, the teachers excite students to learn not just Spanish, but other foreign languages. This class also benefits our non-English speaking students by adding to their existing repertoire of communication skills. 


Montessori Learning Center believes, as Maria Montessori did, that young children who are exposed to different cultures at an early age grow to be more tolerant and accepting of all people.  This awareness helps children see their importance in the global community with hopes that they will become kind and compassionate world citizens.  

"MLC has a fantastic Spanish program. Chiquitots makes learning Spanish so much fun for the kids! They teach songs in Spanish, and it is a great memorization tool because they often put the words to music. This is so beneficial to the kids, and they send home worksheets for parents so we can practice at home with the kids. Amazing long-term benefits and the children are so engaged!

                                             Elizabeth Reed

                                             Current Parent


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